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Electrical program; It consists of 4 semesters (two years) and is a technical program that teaches about electrical concepts, theory, rules and applications. The training is in Turkish. Students who successfully complete all the courses in the education plan are given the academic title of Electrical Technician. With this authority, it can assume the responsibility of the technical implementation of electrical projects. In the institution where they work, they also perform the supervision of the electrical projects assigned to them.

The purpose of the Electricity Program is to train intermediate staff to respond to the demands and developments of the sector in subjects such as the production, transmission and distribution of electricity, electrical power systems, factory automation (PLC and SCADA systems), factory maintenance and control, electrical machinery working systems, project design of electrical facilities, applications of all electrically operated systems and provision of technical services.

In order to achieve this goal, the courses of the Electrical Program have been prepared by taking into account their suitability for the developing technology and their validity to the market, as well as compatibility in the transition from associate degree education to undergraduate education. In order to carry out applied studies, electrical laboratory and internship opportunities were provided in the field.

In order to graduate from the program, students must take at least 120 ECTS (ECTS) credits. In addition, in order to graduate from the program, students must complete their summer internship for 30 working days and 240 hours at the end of the second semester.

Students who receive an associate degree diploma in electricity can pass to undergraduate programs with the Dikey Geçiş SInavı (DGS). Undergraduate Departments That Can Be Transferred With DGS *

Electrical Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Energy Systems Engineering

Energy Management

Computer and Instructional Technologies Teaching


Physics Engineering

Aviation Electrical and Electronics

Control and Automation Engineering

Aircraft Electrical-Electronics

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