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The most needed need of human beings in the process from the past to the present is the need for nutrition. Today, this need has become a cultural value and art rather than a need with the profession of "Cookery". In this respect, as in the whole world, the profession of "Cookery" is a rising value in our country. In this direction, in order to protect and develop the food culture of our country, our students who have a sufficient level of academic knowledge theoretically and who have undergone a 4-semester training in order to transform this academic competence into practice and contribute to the development of the "Cookery" profession; It is aimed to have effective communication, creative, open to innovations, producing, entrepreneurial, solution-oriented and academic knowledge and skills.

Purpose of the Program:

With the Mardin Artuklu University Midyat Vocational School Culinary Arts Program, it is aimed to develop and promote our food culture, to meet the need for qualified personnel in the service sector, to train cook candidates who have the knowledge and skills to compete at the international level, who are professionally qualified and equipped with general culture and professional technical knowledge at the level required by their field.

Career Fields:

Graduates of the program have widespread job opportunities and are generally employed in various places, including the private sector and the public sector.

These are generally;

In addition to these; They also have employment opportunities in different fields such as food writer, food stylist, recipe developer, food processor, kitchen consultant, food researcher, menu developer and food and beverage trainer.

Opportunities and Advantages:

Our students have opportunities to provide practical professional development in guest houses, restaurants, cafes and other social facilities in the area where our university is located. Additionally, our students who wish will be able to do their internships here. Thus, our students will have the opportunity to gain experience in their professional lives in order to learn how to deal with the problems encountered in the business environment and to overcome problems in cooperation by exchanging ideas in group work.

Programs that can be transferred with DGS:

Undergraduate programs that our students who graduate from our school's culinary program can get into with the Dikey Geçiş Sınavı (DGS) they take;

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