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Our Department which is a pioneering department in the field of Kurdish Language and Culture in Turkey was established in 2010. The academic staff of our department consists of 1 professor, 2 associate professors, 6 assistant professors, 9 lecturers, 2 experts and 14 research assistants.

The aims of the department are to introduce the literature, history and culture of the Kurdish language and its dialects (Kurmancî, Zazakî, Sorani, Lorî, Goranî) through interdisciplinary style, to engage in educational and research activities and to help students acquire scientific researcher characteristics. During their education, students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills by using the department's rich audiovisual resources. The training provided by conferences attended by well-known researchers and the speeches and papers offered by well-known Kurdish /Other nations writers and poets. Moreover, the department members enriches the education.

For this purpose, it is aimed to closely examine the literary works, movements and theories of the Western and Eastern world and handle the languages as thoroughly as possible with all components. In addition to literary history and literary text analysis, a program including literary language analysis, linguistics, translation, language-culture-individual relationships, critical theories and cultural studies are offered. It gives importance to gain students to acquire comprehensive, comparative, analytical and critical thinking abilities, educate them as individuals who can develop methods of examining and discussing social phenomena and most importantly give them the perspective creating consistent approaches to today's cultural policies and interactions.

We also have lessons to support students in the academic environment in which they are studying, reading, researching and writing. Writers, literary genres and works of Kurdish Literature periods are analyzed in a certain order and supported with theoretical knowledge. The education language of the program is 100% Kurdish. Currently there are graduate students with thesis and non-thesis.

Graduates of the program will receive the title of Kurdologist. Graduates of the Department of Kurdish Language and Culture can serve in different sectors of the society such as banking, international relations, publishing, tourism, journalism, media institutions affiliated to the state and the private sector as individuals who are professionally qualified in accordance with the needs of our country. Graduates who have received a training certificate can teach schools or universities affiliated to government or private institutions. They can also work as translators, writers and editors.

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate