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Our institute which is one of the prominent Living Languages Institutes in Turkey was established within Mardin Artuklu University on December 10, 2009, with the aim of postgraduate education, and scientific researches and practices in the field of living languages in Turkey. The Institute, which is Turkey's first Institute of Living Languages in Turkey, has been served as one of the academic units of the university since its establishment.

With its educational circumstances in accordance with the requirements of the era, strong academic staff, and a wide variety of graduate programs, our Institute aims to “raise qualified human resources equipped with modern knowledge and advanced analytical thinking skills which are required by the public and private sector”.

In this context, our institute has graduated science specialists, 70 of them with a thesis and 699 without a thesis master's degree since its foundation and gained valuable experts to public institutions and private sector, and scientists to universities.

In addition to postgraduate education activities specified in the Higher Education Law and related regulations, our Institute has carried out researches, examinations, seminars, symposiums, conferences and similar scientific activities with the contributions of 43 academic staff, 15 of them are lecturers. Administrative services are carried out devotedly by our 4 employees.

Our institute is included in Farabi, Mevlana and Erasmus + exchange programs that increase our national and international recognition and effectiveness.

Our Institute, which has been awarded the ECTS Label of the European Union Commission, offers all graduates together with their diplomas a "Diploma Supplement" in English facilitating the international academic and professional recognition of their diploma degrees which is valid in 47 countries under the Bologna Process.

The Journal of Mesopotamian Studies (JMS), a peer-reviewed international journal published biannually since 2016, is published by our Institute

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate