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Our Management Conception

With the belief that science and technology can only be produced in a free environment, we have accepted the following as the basic principle of our conception for a participatory, productive and efficient management structure which;

  • Commits to a human centered institution culture in every situation,
  • Submits a supplementary will to maintain the academicians’ sense of belonging to the university, and is just, reliable, impartial, relies on merit and is respectful to science and science men,
  • Sees different beliefs, cultures and lifestyles at the university as a wealth, embraces all, and provides rapid solutions to the prioritized problems of students, administrative staff and academicians,
  • Acts fair between human and financial resources and the academic units of the university,
  • Predicates on transparency and accountability on public expenditures,
  • Provides added value to the peace and development of the city, the region and the country,
  • Rejects any kind of discrimination, alienation and social exclusion

along with respect to scientific and academic freedoms of the employees, and freedom of thought and expression.   

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate