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Tourism industry is rapidly developing in recent years, not only in the world but also in Turkey tourism has gained remarkable importance and is at one of the top sectors. Tourism is mainly a service sector and also a hospitality sector. For this reason, friendship and intimacy, kindness, resourcefulness, efficiency (briefly 'professionalism') are very important. However, these features are not accidentally acquired, they are the result of educational investments on people.

Based on this fact, the main aim of the Tourism Faculty of Mardin Artuklu University -which was established with the Decree of the Council of Ministers dated 04.06.2018 and numbered 2018/1959- is to contribute to the highest rate of graduates employed in tourism businesses operating both nationally and internationally with its academic staff with rich academic and sectorial experience.

In line with this basic purpose, the mission (mission) of our faculty is to train and develop a qualified and professional human resource that will add value to the tourism, economic and social life of the country, with the awareness of raising individuals who are honest, healthy, knowledgeable, respectful to different cultures and high qualified; Using this source is to follow scientific and technological innovations on a global scale, not only to apply the information it produces in a technical sense, but also to transfer it to the changing world and to the society, without compromising on quality, reliable and ethical rules.

Within the scope of our duty with a student-oriented approach, our mission is to prioritize the personal development of our students, to produce academic knowledge, to have an education staff that constantly renews and reinforces what they know with sectorial practices, while transferring local and national values ​​to new generations as well as universal citizens who ensure their development as world citizens. Our main goals are to provide perspective, to create a culture in which the sense of “we” based on teamwork, where participatory processes are implemented, and to produce permanent solutions with an analytical approach to the problems of the tourism industry.

With our structure, which shows the students of our faculty not only to be equipped but also to be “good people”, education and teaching are also handled in the same axis in the lesson planning of the departments within the faculty. Our training programs, supported by intensive English and second foreign language options, enable students to reinforce the theoretical knowledge to be gained by the student with professional practices at work in the real sector.


T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate