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Kasımiye Madrasa - Mardin
The construction of the madrasah, which survived until today with its perfect structure, started in the Artuklu Period and was completed in the period of the Akkoyunlu Ruler Cihangiroğlu Kasım (1457-1502). Smooth cut stone was used in the construction of the two-storey, domed, single and open courtyard madrasa. The building, which attracts attention in terms of its plan features, stone workmanship and ornamental motifs, is located in the complex together with the mosque and the tomb. There is a fountain and a large pool in the courtyard of the madrasa. The madrasah, which has a façade open to the plain in the south, is one of the largest buildings in Mardin. It is an open madrasa type, arranged around a single courtyard, and has two floors and a single iwan. It is made of cut stones and bricks.
It is entered from the south facade through a barrel-vaulted corridor connected by a portal. There is an independent small mosque in the west, with the same entrance as the other parts. There is a mosque that rises over two floors in the east. It consists of cells lined up between porticos on two floors around the large courtyard with portico, which is entered through the portal. To the north of the courtyard, there is a large iwan that cuts the second floor and a pool in front of it. This place should have been thought of as a complex, not as a single madrasa. The lodge-tomb located next to it is the proof of this.

Where is Kasımiye Madrasa?

The Kasımiye Madrasa can be reached after passing the Mardin City Stadium in the southwest of Mardin, turning right from the Fire Station garage and going 250 meters.
* It operates as the field of practice of our faculty's undergraduate and graduate tourism guidance students.

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate