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Admission and Graduation Requirements

Criteria for admission to the master's program

In accordance with Article 5 of the Second Section of Mardin Artuklu University Graduate Education and Training Regulations, the conditions to be sought in candidates applying for a master's degree and the principles regarding the evaluation are as follows:
a) Candidates must have a bachelor's degree.

b) Candidates must have at least 55 points from ALES in the score type of the program they apply for. The lower limit of the ALES score determined for applying to the master's program can be raised with the decision of the Senate. However, ALES is not required for admission to the Faculty of Fine Arts, Conservatory and non-thesis master's programs. The relevant Graduate School boards decide whether ALES score will be required for non-thesis master's programs.

c) The undergraduate grade point average is taken as basis for master's degree applications. Candidates who will apply for master's programs with thesis must have an undergraduate graduation grade point average of at least 60 in the hundred point system, and candidates who will apply for non-thesis master's programs must have at least 50. In order for the candidates to be considered successful, 50% of the ALES score, 15% of the undergraduate graduation grade point average and 15% of the foreign language score are taken as basis, provided that it is not less than 55. The other 20% is decided by the department/art branches. The relevant department/art branch can distribute the other 20% to the undergraduate graduation grade point average, ALES and foreign language score, or evaluate it in the form of an interview or science exam. In case of equality that may arise in the final evaluation, the superiority of the ALES score is taken as a priority, in case the equality is not broken, the superiority of the interview / science exam grade, and in cases where the interview / science exam is not conducted, the undergraduate graduation grade point average is taken as the basis. In the departments where ALES score is not required, the relevant department boards determine the effect of ALES score.

d) In the calculation of the success grade, fractions of 0.5 and above are added to the next higher grade. After these calculations, candidates with a score of 55 or higher are ranked according to their scores and are considered successful in the science phase of the exam within the quotas announced in master's programs. The science exam can be written, oral or both according to the decision of the institute board of directors. The relevant Graduate School may set a threshold score for the interview/science exam.
e) Departments/Associate branches may impose field limitations in application acceptance. Departments may decide to raise the base scores so as not to contradict the ALES and foreign language framework regulations. Departments invite at least four times the announced quota to the interview/science exam.

Graduation Requirements
According to Article 20.2 of the Graduate Regulations of Mardin Artuklu University Institute of Social Sciences, "The master's program with thesis consists of at least seven courses, a seminar course and thesis study, provided that it is not less than twenty-one (21) credits in total. Seminar course and thesis study are non-credit and are evaluated as successful or unsuccessful. A master's program with thesis consists of a total of at least 120 ECTS credits, including at least eight courses including a seminar course and thesis study, provided that an education period is not less than 60 ECTS credits. The student has to register for the thesis period every semester starting from the semester following the appointment of the advisor at the latest.

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate