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Admission and Graduation Requirements


Admission Requirements for Sociology PhD Program

In the admission of students to the PhD Program of the Department of Sociology, the provisions of the "Regulations on Graduate Education and Training of the Council of Higher Education" and Mardin Artuklu University Graduate Education and Training Regulations will be taken as basis. Within this framework 
a- Candidates who will apply to the doctoral program must have a master's degree.
b- Candidates must have a master's degree grade point average of at least 70 out of 100.
c- They must have a minimum score of 55 from the equal weight section of the ALES exam,
d- For foreign language, applicants must have at least 55 points from YDS and YÖKDİL and at least the equivalent of these scores from any foreign language exam determined by the Interuniversity Board. These minimum scores can be changed by the decision of Mardin Artuklu University Senate.
e- Candidates must be successful in the science exam to be held by the Department of Sociology (At least 60 points must be obtained to be successful in the written exam).
f- In order for the candidate to be considered successful, the sum of 50% of the ALES score, 20% of the master's degree graduation average, 20% of the foreign language score and 10% of the science exam must be at least 65. Candidates with a doctoral entrance score of 70 or more are ranked according to the score they receive and are accepted to the doctoral program within the quota.

Requirements for the Doctoral Degree in Sociology Doctoral Program
According to Article 29.2 of Mardin Artuklu University Graduate School of Social Sciences Regulations, the PhD program consists of at least 240 ECTS credits, including at least seven courses, seminar, qualifying exam, thesis proposal and thesis study, provided that a total of twenty-one credits and an education period is not less than 60 ECTS for students admitted with a master's degree with thesis. For students admitted with a bachelor's degree, it consists of a total of at least 300 ECTS credits, including 14 courses of at least forty-two credits, seminar, proficiency exam, thesis proposal and thesis study. The seminar booklet prepared by the student who is successful in the seminar course in accordance with the thesis writing rules of the institute is signed and approved by the advisor. Seminar booklets are sent to the Graduate School at the end of the semester together with a digital copy in write-protected format.
- A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 credit courses can be taken from outside the university and/or the program.
- A minimum of 6 credits must be fulfilled in one semester.
- The normal duration of the PhD program in the Department of Sociology is 8 semesters.
- In order to graduate, a Seminar Course (non-credit) must be taken before the qualification stage and must be successful in the course.
- Two theory courses and two methodology courses are compulsory in the program.




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