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Doctoral Program


The Sociology PhD program is designed to provide specialized education to graduates with a master's degree. 
The program will respond to the following needs.

As a continuation of this success, our department, which has proven its success by graduating from both undergraduate and graduate programs, wants to enable students who have completed their master's degree to pursue a doctorate. Our program aims to meet a significant part of the demand for graduate education in the field of sociology in Eastern and South Eastern Anatolia. Because there is no doctoral program in sociology in the region except Malatya (İnönü University) and Elazığ (Fırat University). The Department of Sociology at Mardin Artuklu University aims to provide doctoral education in Mardin for both undergraduate students enrolled in the Sociology undergraduate program at Artuklu University and graduate students.

In recent years, many new universities have been established in Turkey. In addition, departments of Sociology have been opened in many universities and new ones are being opened. In each new Sociology department, there is a need for faculty members to work in their fields. It is known that the current trained staff does not meet the need and that Sociology teaching in most universities is carried out by faculty members who have not directly specialized in this field. In addition, the need for experts to work in various ministries and private institutions is increasing. There is an increasing need to increase the academic knowledge and skills of the people working in these institutions. There are a limited number of PhD programs in Mardin and its surroundings to meet this need. Our PhD Program will contribute to meeting this need.

Postgraduate studies in the field of sociology are of great interest not only to those who have undergraduate and graduate education in this field, but also to those who have graduated from different fields of social sciences. This is a natural consequence of the interdisciplinary nature of the field of sociology. Meeting this interest at a broader level is another goal of doctoral program.

In addition to these, our doctoral program aims to provide students who have completed their master's degree in other universities with more advanced knowledge and expertise in their fields. In this context, the PhD program has identified individuals who have completed their master's degree in Mardin, in Turkey and abroad and who plan to advance in their academic career as the target audience. Students who graduate from the PhD program in Sociology can find opportunities to work as lecturers in national and international universities, as well as work as consultants in public institutions and organizations in the fields of expertise they are trained in, and in cultural and research centers related to sociology.

Finally, Mardin Artuklu University was established in a region where different languages and religions live together, where the traditional social structure such as tribal and traditional family type is largely preserved, and which is developing both economically and culturally. It is inevitable that Mardin Artuklu University will respond to the need for more in-depth social research in sociological fields such as social structure and social change. In this context, it is important to train PhD educated staff who can conduct qualified sociological research in Mardin and its surroundings and that these staff consist of individuals who are trained in Mardin Artuklu University Sociology PhD Program and who know the social structure of the region.

Mardin Artuklu University Department of Sociology PhD Program is the natural target of the development process of Mardin Artuklu University Department of Sociology since its establishment and will respond to the need for sociology doctoral program for both undergraduate and graduate graduates of our department and other sociology department graduates in the region. Our Sociology PhD Program is extremely important in terms of enabling the training of staff who can conduct sociological research on Mardin and its surroundings, which has a unique social texture.

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate