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Political Science is a scientific discipline which provides an understanding of the changing world from the political, social and economic perspectives. It focuses on the scientific study of political and administrative issues and examines a wide range of fields ranging from general power relations to power relations in the daily life of the individual from a scientific perspective. International Relations is a branch of Political Science and is a study that examines the relations of actors within the "international system", especially the states that are accepted as the main actors of international relations, with other states, international / regional / intergovernmental organizations, multinational corporations, international norms and the international community. Department of Political Science and International Relations benefits from many disciplines such as Economics (International Economics, International Political Economy), History (Political History), Law (Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and especially International Law), Philosophy (Political Philosophy and Ethics), Sociology, Psychology, Geography.

The Department of Political Science and International Relations have started its activities in the 2014-2015 academic year when the first cohort was admitted. M.A. Program was also opened in 2016 in our department, whose third term undergraduate cohort graduated as of 2020. PhD program is planned for the next years.

Our undergraduate program admits students with Equal Weight (EA) score of the nation-wide Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS). In addition, it is possible for foreign students to enter the Department of Political Science and International Relations through the Foreign Student Examination (YÖS).

Graduates of Political Science and International Relations can work in non-governmental organizations, international organizations, media and academia, in addition to the private and public sector. Our graduates, who have the chance to take the exams of many official institutions due to being under the umbrella of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, can become District Governor, Court of Account Auditor, Administrative Judges and so on. With the foreign language skills gained in the 30% English program, management positions in the private sector and academic career also are among the career plans of our graduates.

Students have the chance to study abroad through exchange programs. Bringing students from different cultures and academic staff together, our department provides the highest level of intellectual depth and academic diversity with the multicultural environment. Students can also concentrate on regional studies by having the opportunity to learn languages ​​such as Kurdish and Arabic. In addition to this, it is aimed that students get to know different academic circles and develop a perspective on the agenda through conferences organized with the area experts in our department.

Our students also have the opportunity to receive a diploma or certificate through the Double Major Program and the Minor Program.

In addition to student clubs such as the Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship Society and Ahbap University, established by our department's students,  students can take part in the student clubs, establish their own clubs and participate in the activities of student communities. Click here to see the student communities in our university.

A majority of the academic staff completed their PhD studies in countries such as England, Germany and France. Research Assistants continue their doctoral studies at national and internationally reputable institutions such as Boğaziçi University, METU, Ankara University, Istanbul University, and Marmara University.

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate