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Social service, the quality of human relations in society, requires professional help and support to overcome the problems faced by individuals or families. The number of disadvantaged people due to social conditions, personal characteristics or other reasons is increasing day by day. This situation creates the need for qualified staff to work on issues such as meeting the needs of individuals who need social assistance or support due to their disadvantages, and eliminating or minimizing dysfunction. For this reason, the emergence and development of Social Service as a science and a profession took place in this direction.

Social Services Experts/social workers, who are the basic staff needed by social service practices in our country, are trained in faculties or equivalent higher education institutions that provide at least four years of education. Training of intermediate staff needed in the same field is carried out in Social Services Associate Degree Programs (Department of Social Work and Counselling).

Purpose of the Department

The Department of Social Services and Consultancy is designed to train individuals who have basic social work knowledge, know how to apply it, are open to innovations brought by the age, and can meet the need for qualified intermediate manpower so as to be employedin the social services needed in the public, private and non-governmental sectors, especially in Care and Health institutions and all other relevant sectors. In addition, to meet the need for "auxiliary/intermediate staff" in order to alleviate the workload of professional staff and to continue their professional work effectively and efficiently in the social services practices carried out in our country.

Title and Field of Work

Students who graduate from the Department of Social Work and Counseling are "Social Services Associate Degree Graduates" and work as Social Workers. Graduates of the department with this title

• Within the Ministry of Health; in public and private hospitals

• Guidance Research Centers

• General Directorate of Youth and Sports

• Kindergartens

• Children's homes

• Nurseries and Day Care Centers

• Orphanages

• Vocational Training Centers

• Credit and Dormitories Institution

• Ministry of Justice

• Prisons

• Nursing homes

• Community Centers

• Women's Shelters

• Disabled Rehabilitation Centers

• Provincial and District Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations

• The Ministry of Labor and Social Security

• Ministry of National Defense and its affiliated units

• Ministry of Internal Affairs and its affiliated units

• In Local Governments and affiliated units

• Crisis centers

• Civil society organizations

Open Admission

It is possible to get into the Department of Social Work and Counseling with "Open Admission". Graduates of the following secondary education institutions have the right to pass without an exam:

*Family and Consumer Services

*Elderly Services

*Child Developmen

Undergraduate Completion

It is possible for our students who graduate from the Department of Social Services and Counseling to complete the "Sociology" or "Social Services" undergraduate programs with the "Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS)".

Who Can Prefer:

Department of Social Service and Counselling, Social Services Program can be applied by students who get sufficient scores from University Exams such as TYT.


There is a compulsory summer internship in our department and it is 30 working days in total. Summer internships are organized, monitored and terminated seriously.

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate