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Map and Cadastre Program

Cartography deals with how to make the necessary measurements to determine the horizontal and vertical positions of points on the earth and the seas globally, according to the average still water levels, how to transfer them to paper, and the calculation procedures and drawing methods related to this subject.

The main purpose of the cartography program is to train technical staff at all levels and in all fields of technology such as geodesy-geophysics, photogrammetric and remote sensing, cartography and printing. There are job opportunities in fields such as land registry, mining, urban planning, municipal services, agriculture, forestry, national defense, tourism, construction, roads, water, electricity, sea, air and land transportation, communications, oil and natural gas pipeline, and expropriation. The program aims to train "Mapping and Cadastre Technicians" as a result of two years of vocational training. It is a program established with the aim of training intermediate technical personnel who establish relationships with engineers and other managers in the mapping industry. Students can conduct applications and research in the field and partly on the computer. The knowledge given at school is reinforced with a 320-hour vocational internship. The authorities and responsibilities of Survey and Cadastre Technicians are described in Article 38 of the Zoning Law No. 3194. Graduated technicians are defined as "Second Group Scientific Staff" according to the aforementioned law article. Graduate students are employed in public and private institutions and organizations related to Mapping and Cadastre. Graduates' employment opportunities are above the average in Turkey. There is a quota of 50 formal education students each year. Institutions and organizations we mainly work with:

* General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre

* General Directorate of Iller Bank

* General Directorate of Highways

* General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works

* General Directorate of Rural Services

* Ministry of Public Works

* Ministry of Forestry

* Municipalities

* Universities

* TKİ, MTA, General Directorate of Disaster Affairs ., General Directorate of Land and Agrarian Reform, GAP, DLH, DDY, DHM etc. public institutions

* General Command of Mapping

* Private sector organizations (Mapping Companies, Construction Companies, Mining

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate