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Our Objectives and Projects

Our Objectives and Projects for Our Academic Staff:
•    To increase internal and external resources for our academicians in order to conduct qualified scientific research
•    To improve the standards of administrative services provided in academic units
•    To increase cooperation with universities at home and abroad for academic development
•    To have a fair and objective approach in studies on academic progress and allocation of the need for staff
•    To prevent psychological discrimination and othering and to remove them from academic life completely
•    To eliminate the housing problem of the staff
•    To organize more diverse and intensive international seminars and conferences both for research and education
•    To carry out all kinds of initiatives before YÖK and related ministries in order to put our objectives and projects for our academic staff into practice

Our Objectives and Projects for Our Students:
•    To create new living spaces on campus
•    To build a student-centered management and education approach
•    To produce effective and fast solutions for students' accommodation and food problems
•    To attend international science fairs and to give priority to the projects that will enable this participation
•    To make Student Communities and Clubs more functional
•    To increase landscaping and afforestation activities
•    To activate the sports facilities that will accelerate the sports activities of our students
•    To establish a station on campus in order to solve students' transportation problems
•    To increase the number of scholarships provided for our students
•    To organize student centered spring festivals
•    To organize sports activities for all our students

Our Objectives and Projects for Our Administrative Staff:

•    Merit will be the basis for appointments to the executive positions.
•    Promotion exams will be held, staff assignments will be evaluated according to these exam results.
•    Efforts will be made to improve the sense of belonging of administrative staff.
•    The demands of administrative staff will be taken into consideration in determining the service routes.
•    Attempts will be made to increase the financial means of administrative staff.
•    Social activities that will increase the motivation of the administrative staff through vocational training opportunities will be increased.

As a modern, respected and original university where different languages, religions and cultures exist, we continue to do our best to validate a management that contributes to the common cultural heritage of humanity and ensures the continuity of this heritage.

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate