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Student Forms

Document Name
Department-Program Full Curriculum Form 
Double Major-Minor Program Application Form
Course Adjustment-Exemption Request Form
Course Make-Up Form 
Registration Freezing Request Form 
Registration Deletion Request Form
Interinstitutional Horizontal Transfer Application Result Form
Undergraduate Thesis Approval Form  
Material Error Grade Correction Form
Excuse Exam Request Form
Horizontal Transfer Application Result Form with Central Placement Score (Additional Article-1)
Graduation Request and Disconnection Form
Student Document Request Form
Student Scholarship Application Form
Student Absence Notification Form
Student Petition Form 
Private Student (Incoming) Application Form
Private Student (Outgoing) Application Form
Exam Grade Objection Form  
Application Form for Associate and Undergraduate Programs for International Prospective Students
Horizontal Transfer (Inter-Institutional-Intra-Institutional Placement) Application Form
Fee Refund Request Form
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