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Condemnation Message from University Rectors to Israel for Killing a Scientist

Rectors of the universities across our country have condemned the murder of the Rector of Gaza Islamic University, Prof. Dr. Sufyan Tayeh, who was among the world's best researchers with a UNESCO Best Scientist award, and his family by Zionist attacks with a joint message.

Rectors, including our University Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Özcoşar, used the following expressions in their condemnation message.

“We, as rectors of universities in the Republic of Türkiye; We condemn the great genocide carried out by Israel, which has resumed its brutal, fierce, and inhumane attacks after the ceasefire and prisoner exchange agreement that came into force on November 24, 2023, before the eyes of the world.

After a week of humanitarian relief, more than a hundred innocent Palestinian brothers and sisters were martyred as a result of the bombing of the Jabalia Refugee Camp, located in the north of the occupied Gaza Strip, on 02.12.2023, where many defenceless innocent babies, children, women and elderly people, struggling to hold on to life and hope for the future, live in difficult conditions. At the same time, Gaza Islamic University Rector Prof. Dr. Sufyan Tayeh, along with his children and family relatives, were martyred by Israeli warplanes, targeting his house in the al-Falujah region of Jabalia.

209 Rectors Invited International Actors to Prevent Crimes Against Humanity
“We strongly condemn the terrorist attacks that have directly targeted civilian persons and organizations, hospitals and educational institutions, educators, academics and scientists in Palestine and Gaza since October 7, 2023, and the open and secret support provided to this brutal aggression, we emphasize once again that the whole world must react to the situation and not remain indifferent.

May God have mercy on Late Gaza Islamic University Rector Prof. Dr. Sufyan Tayeh and his relatives and all Palestinian innocents who lost their lives in this process, and we express our condolences to all our Palestinian brothers.
“As University Rectors across Turkey, we invite all international actors to act responsibly and humanely in preventing this crime against humanity.”