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MAU History

Founded on May 17, 2007 by Law No. 5662, TC Mardin Artuklu University, located in a geography with a history of 4000 years, aims to create a bridge between the universities in Türkiye and the universities in the Middle East by contributing to the social and cultural environment of the city of Mardin and its surroundings, which hosts various linguistic, religious and cultural riches.

Founded on the fertile lands of the Crescent and enriched with all the civilized heritage of the Middle East, Mardin is a city of civilization with an ancient culture where every color and every sound can find a place. The first Christian-Assyrian Academy was opened by Mor Yakup of Nusaybin in the town of Nusaybin, which is known with the titles of Ummü'l-Ulum (Mother of Sciences) and Medinetu'l-Maarif (City of Knowledge) for its scientific and cultural role in history.

Located in Nusaybin, Mor Yakup Monastery has the distinction of being the world's first educational university where philosophy, logic, literature, geometry, astronomy, medicine and law education is provided.

The science and wisdom legacy of Nisibis Akademia (Nusaybin Academy), Deyrulzafaran, Kasımiye, Zinciriye and such great schools has been revived at Mardin Artuklu University.

Many mosques, churches and monasteries, where the idea of art is sufficient for humanity, unraveled the tangles of knowledge one by one in their own temples and started to wear the cardigan of knowledge they had knitted in this city. 

Mardin Artuklu University, which is the home of science in such a city, will continue to raise scholars, just like in the past, by maintaining this identity throughout history, and to elevate this city against the wind.

With the 20007 Establishment Law, the Faculty of Science and Letters, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, State Conservatory, Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Natural Sciences, School of Health, Vocational School of Health Services, Vocational School and Midyat Vocational School were established under the roof of the University.

On February 5, 2010, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences was divided into two as Faculty of Science and Faculty of Letters. 

On 10 December 2009, Institute of Living Languages in Turkey; on 01 February 2010, School of Tourism and Hotel Management as well as Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences; on 29 July 2010, Kızıltepe Vocational School; in 2011, Faculty of Theological Sciences and Nusaybin Vocational School; on 27 August 2015, School of Education and Sports (BESYO); on 8 April 2016, School of Foreign Languages; on 22 June 2017, Savur Vocational School and on 11 January 2018, Derik Vocational School were added to existing academic units.

From our existing units, the name of the Faculty of Theological Sciences was changed as the Faculty of Islamic Sciences on 8 April 2016.

The School of Tourism and Hotel Management was converted into the Faculty of Tourism on 14 June 2018, and the School of Health was converted into the Faculty of Health Sciences on 18 April 2019.

The Faculty of Medicine was established by the Presidential decision numbered 3940 dated 30 April 2021, published in the Official Gazette dated 1 May 2021 and numbered 31471.

Mardin Artuklu University offers education opportunities to a total of 17,985 students with Mardin Artuklu Campus, located 5 km from Mardin city center, Istasyon Campus, located 7 km away, and Vocational Schools located in 6 districts of Mardin.

Among the most economically, culturally and socially developed cities of Türkiye and a peaceful and tolerant city with its mosaic cultural structure that has hosted many civilizations, Mardin attracts attention with its potential to be an ideal student city. 

The proximity of all campuses of the university to the city center and the availability of public transportation to all of these campuses provide great convenience to students. 

About Mardin Artuklu University 

Founded in the city of Mardin, one of the oldest settlements in Mesopotamia, Mardin Artuklu University is among the young and developing universities in Türkiye. As of today, Mardin Artuklu University continues its education, research and application activities through 11 Faculties, 2 Schools, 8 Vocational Schools, 2 Institutes, 1 State Conservatory, 16 Research and Application Centers and 17 Coordinatorships. Preparing nearly 18,000 students for the future, Mardin Artuklu University draws attention with its dynamic academic staff and rapid development. 

With the privilege of having the 'Living Languages Institute in Turkey', Mardin Artuklu University is moving forward with its determination to become a language-oriented thematic university by establishing new faculties and departments that provide education in different languages.

Mardin Artuklu University, which constantly sets the bar for strategic goals at the top, carries out exemplary initiatives in the region with its vision.
One of first of these initiatives is to achieve its goal of becoming Türkiye’s first and only Cultural Tourism Specialized University by focusing on a more specific field. 

Mardin Artuklu University offers opportunities for students to gain academic experience as well as to improve themselves in social, cultural and sports fields.

Social Opportunities

In order for students to carry out their social and cultural activities there are open sports fields such as football, basketball, volleyball courts and running tracks; Culture Center, open theater stage, Central cafeteria with a capacity of 1000 people and a market; Semi-Olympic Swimming Pool and Fitness Hall, Professional Bicycle Track, 24/7 Library, Boutique Store, canteens and cafeterias in the Mardin Artuklu University Central Campus. 

In addition, students who want to improve themselves socially and continue their hobbies have the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills through student clubs they establish in sports, arts and various branches.

Within the scope of the spring festivals held every year at the university; many events such as concerts, theater performances, festivals, conferences and seminars are organized.

Scholarship Opportunities 

Every year, scholarships are provided by the Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution to a certain number of students studying at Mardin Artuklu University. Non-refundable scholarships are also given to successful students by philanthropic businessmen in Mardin.

Every year, food scholarships are given to students in need within the budget possibilities of the university. Students who receive a food scholarship receive comfortable service thanks to the card pass system.

Non-refundable scholarships are provided to underprivileged students by Mardin Education Foundation (MARSEV) and volunteer civilians and university staff. 

Student Life

Students can take part in sports teams established within the university to spend their leisure time and improve themselves. In the university, which has 38 active student clubs, students can find the opportunity to practice their hobbies in many areas.

As an advantage of Mardin Artuklu University being a young university, the number of new clubs is constantly increasing. In addition, thanks to Mardin's tolerant structure and low living costs, students can lead a comfortable student life in the city. 

Mardin Artuklu University 
Campuses and Units Providing Academic Education

Rectorate Campus:

 Faculty of Medicine

Central Artuklu Campus:
 Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

 Faculty of Health Sciences

 Faculty of Letters

 Faculty of Fine Arts

 Faculty of Islamic Sciences

 Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

 Faculty of Tourism

 Faculty of Science

 Institute for Graduate Educational Studies 

 Institute of Living Languages  in Turkey

 School of Foreign Languages

 Vocational School of Health Services

 School of Physical Education and Sports

 State Conservatory

 Central Laboratory

İstasyon Campus:
 Vocational School

 Kızıltepe Vocational School

Vocational Schools in other districts of Mardin:
 İstasyon district (Kızıltepe Vocational School, Vocational School) 

 Midyat District, Midyat Vocational School

 Ömerli District, Ömerli Vocational School

 Savur District, Savur Vocational School

 Derik District, Derik Vocational School

 Nusaybin District, Nusaybin Vocational School

 Department of Atatürk's Principles and Revolution History

 Department of Turkish Language

 Conflict Resolution and Coexistence Culture Application and Research Center

 Distance Education Application and Research Center

 Career Application and Research Center

 Seed Biology and Genetics Research Center

 Child Education Application and Research Center 

 Jerusalem and Palestine Studies Application and Research Center

 Mardin Studies Application and Research Center

 Migration Studies Application and Research Center 

 Women and Family Studies Application and Research Center

 Central Research Lab. Application and Research Center 

 Continuous Education Application and Research Center 

 Turkish and Foreign Language Teaching Application and Research Center (TÖMER)

 Architectural Project Production Application and Research Center

 Psychology Application and Research Center

 Tourism Education Application and Research Center

 TÜRKPATENT Information and Document Unit

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate