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Writing Rules

Author Guidelines

  1. Page layout; It should be in A4 size, margins should be set as 2.5 cm from the left, right, top and bottom.
  2. All titles, body texts and footnotes should be set to Times New Roman.
  3. The main titles of the articles (only the main title/name of the article) must be introduced in the Word document as title 3. These main headings should be determined in 14 points, bold and right-justified
  4. The name of the article author should be presented in bold, 12 font size, justified and title 3 just like the main title. Only the initials of the name and surname should be capitalized. * (not a number) sign should be placed at the end of the author's name, and the institution and contact information should be included as a footnote.
  5. Sub-titles of the articles should be specified in 12 points, justified, but sub-headings should not be introduced as titles in the word document. It should be left as body text.
  6. Body texts should be written in 12 pt and justified with 1.5 line spacing.
  7. Footnotes should be written in Chicago (Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition-full note) writing style and should be justified in 10 points.
  8. Every article must have a bibliography. The bibliography phrase should be given in the continuation of the text. The bibliography phrase should not transferred to a separate page. And It should not be introduced as a title, just like other sub-titles.
  9. There should be no spaces between paragraphs, if a heading comes after the paragraph, one line space should be left between the heading and the paragraph.
  10. The word count of the articles should be between 5,000 and 8,000 words.