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“Figures and Works”

10-11-12 October 2024, MARDİN


The most apparent and well-known fields within the scope of social sciences are language, thought and religion; corresponding to the main features of individuals involving speech, comprehension and belief since the inception of humanity. In as much as language concerns daily communication and grammatical discussions, the field of language research influences a wide range of areas including literature and philosophy. Belief is expressed through metaphysical, theological and religious means in a wide array ranging from a method of belief based on encounters in daily life and a particular system of trust to natural and supernatural dimensions. When it comes to philosophy, it is located at the intersection of both fields and, first, provides a meta-perception expressing humans’ systematic and non-systematic holistic activities of thought, and, second, focuses on existence, knowledge and behavior. Safely to say, language, thought and religion comprise humans’ both local and universal dimensions and emerge as basic fields of research within a comprehensive network of connections.


Around this main framework, the International Congress on the Studies of Language, Thought and Religion was first held by Mardin Artuklu University on 8-10 November 2018. Later, as the continuation of this general congress, the above-mentioned founder and carrier concepts and theories of the congress, which was planned in three different themes, were first brought to the agenda of researchers on 16-18 April 2020. Secondly, at the congress held on 25-27 May 2022 in partnership with Mardin Artuklu University and Ankara Social Sciences University, the schools and institutions emerging in these fields were brought to the agenda of researchers. The congress planned to be held this year will focus on prominent people and works in these fields. As a result of the congresses to be held in line with this plan, the basic components that make a field a scientific field will be brought to the attention of the scientific world so that further studies can be carried out in these fields.



1. Studies of Language

  1. Pioneers of Linguistic Studies
  2. Language Schools and Streams
  3. Conceptual Relationships and Associations
  4. Groundbreaking Works of Language and Literature
  5. Language, Meaning and Interpretation
  6. Language within the Framework of Universality-Locality
  7. Language Strategies in Literary Texts

2. Studies of Thought

  1. People Who Became a School
  2. Systematic Thinkers and Their Works
  3. People and Works in Thought Sciences
  4. History of Changes and Transformations

3. Studies of Religion

  1. Religion, Humanity and Meaning
  2. Important People in Religious Education
  3. Religion, Science and Language
  4. Fundamental Studies in Religious Sciences
  5. Contrasts Between Religious Works



  1. Congress, abstracts and full texts will be peer-reviewed: Papers accepted and presented to the congress will be submitted for peer-review again before the printing phase. Texts that are "accepted" in blind review evaluations will be published by Mardin Artuklu University Publications as the International Book Section.
  2. The congress will be hosted by Mardin Artuklu University and will be held face to face.
  3. The images of the works in which the papers presented at the International Congresses of Language, Thought and Religious Sciences held in 2018, 2020 and 2022 are as follows.





T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate