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  • ILL/KİTS (Interlibrary Loan System)

ILL/KİTS (Interlibrary Loan System)

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Note: After filling out the request form, you can send an e-mail to halitsalman@artuklu.edu.tr


The publications that are not available in our library but are available in other libraries are provided by the "Interlibrary Loan Publication / Photocopying Service (ILL International Library Loan)" method and these publications are lent to our users.

ILL Rules: 

 * Only Mardin Artuklu University academic and administrative staff, graduate and doctoral students can benefit from the service.
 * Our readers are required to fill in the ILL request form by coming to the library or via the internet.
 * The requested publications are taken from the Central Library and returned to the Central Library.
 * The rules of the library from which the request is made are valid in ILL service.
 * A reader can request a maximum of 5 publications.
 * The reader who borrows the publication is responsible for lost and damaged publications. 


T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate