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The Department of Management aims to provide the basic rules and principles of modern business in theory and practice, in accordance with the local and global's business conditions. Our department aims to bring qualified human resources to the business world by training experts in areas such as management, accounting, marketing, finance, innovation, production and human resources.

Our department educates qualified and ambitious students in competitive new world environmentboth in Turkey and in the global world with its rich and qualified teaching staff. Our students, who grow up with a theoretical and practical formation, can easily find employment opportunities in all areas of the business world. Students, who graduate from the department, can work in the public sector as well as in the private sector.


The multitude of the teaching staff in our department provides integrity in professional practices and makes it an important move towards eliminating the deficiencies encountered in practice. This makes our students more advantageous in both national and global markets.


Students of our department can benefit from double major and minor programs among departments within MardinArtuklu University. Necessary arrangements have been made and the infrastructure has been prepared for our students to have a double major especially in the Department of Economics. Elective course pools of Management and Economics Departments were combined for our students and anyone can choose a course from the department they want, according to the field they want to specialize in. In addition, for those who want to do a double major, a significant part of the compulsory courses of Management and Economics Departments are the same and the remaining courses have been added to the pool of elective courses.Efforts continue to integrate Department of International Trade and Management, which is newly opened in our faculty, within into this system. Due to the aforementioned system, our students have the opportunity to graduate with the diploma of the Department of Economics (International Trade and Management Department will be added as an alternative in the near future) in addition to Management.Furthermore, our students can also do double major or minor in other departments.

Our students can study at contracted universities in Europe within the scope of the Erasmus exchange program. Furtermore, our students have the opportunity to do an internship in a company or any institution / organization in Europe within the scope of the Erasmus program.

Our department has determined the following principles as its mission and vision:

Mission of our department;

In order to reach the modern education level, our department aims to raise individuals who are professionally competent and respectful to social values ​​and create a contemporary teaching and scientific culture with the help of researcher, participatory and sharing academic staffs of our department with scientific, original and aesthetic values.

In order to realize this mission, our department has determined the following principles as its vision: A department which is:

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate