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Undergraduate Program

The department of Economics educates people who are willing to do research and work on the various levels of economic life. The economic theory is given as an academic formation to students who are going to work on private and government sectors with the help of math, statistics and econometrics. The education of economics contains two basic processes. The first is to teach economic principals and tools which will be used after graduating from university and to educate high quality labor force in changing global conditions. The second is to develop systematic and independent thinking ability, which will be helpful in every aspect of peoples life, and to give students academic formation in economic subjects. In this context, in the economics department, apart from economics courses there are business, law and public finance classes. These classes give students chances to find better jobs in a wide range of areas. During first two years, students take theoretical courses and upon completing these courses successfully they can take the third and fourth year classes. In the third and fourth year, there are a variety of elective courses, which are related to the areas that students desire to work after graduation. Thus, students utilize a wide range of courses  and have the chance of graduating with a good command of knowledge in their fields. The department has four main branches. These are: Economic Theory, Economic Policy, Economic Development and International Economics and History of Economics.

This programme intends to include all kinds of practical and theoretical aspects of the field of study and it aims to furnish students with the knowledge and understanding of economic concepts, theories and techniques used in business, governmental and academic settings to enable students to analyze markets, economic policies and economic theories to equip students with basic knowledge about the Turkish and world economy, quantitative research skills and independent and critical thinking abilities.

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate