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The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences was established in 2010 and is composed of four departments namely, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Department of Economics, Department of Management, and Department of International Trade and Business. These departments have both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.   
The faculty aims to provide qualified graduates to the private and public sectors. The main objective of undergraduate education in the faculty is to help students to gain the core skills and expertise for today’s nationally and internationally competitive private and public sectors. 
To accomplish this main aim and others as well, the faculty members collaborate with academic and professional experts from other public and private universities and institutions. This also increases the chance that faculty graduates will have the ability to meet the qualifications and expectations of both national and international communities and contribute to social and economic development.
The social sciences have crucial roles to play in shaping new values, social and business structures as well as national boundaries and new agendas which are changed by recent developments in globalization and information technology.
By combining the scientific richness of the four departments, the faculty provides a framework for transcending previous intellectual limits and the traditional boundaries of these disciplines to expand the influence of social sciences in this time of profound economic and social change.
The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences considers it important for the students to develop an outward-looking perspective in all aspects of their education. The faculty strives to be academically active at the global level by seeking education and research partners. Thus we attach great importance to bilateral agreements with universities of the European Union member countries, especially Erasmus Exchange programs.
The students of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences have the opportunities to pursue double and minor-major degrees in the departments of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences as well in the departments affiliated to other faculties. 
Mardin Artuklu University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is located in the city of Mardin, known for its historical-traditional architecture and multicultural identity. Mardin, where different religions, beliefs and languages live together in peace, is an important environment that enables our university and faculty to act with a global and multidisciplinary vision.

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate