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Master’s Degree Programs

The Department of Philosophy, affiliated to the Institute of Graduate Studies, also offers graduate level courses. These courses, in which students will use the basic knowledge gained from their undergraduate programs in more depth, are based on discussions based on the texts read.

Some of the courses that students can choose according to their academic interests and thesis studies are as follows:

Problems of Metaphysics
Problems of Aesthetics
Kurdish Philosophy Terminology Studies
Phenomenology Texts
Problems of the Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy - Religion Relations in the Tradition of Tehafutes
Medieval Christian and Islamic Philosophy
Problems of the Philosophy of Knowledge
Problems of Ethics
Ancient Philosophy
Thesis Study
In the Department of Philosophy at Mardin Artuklu University, both undergraduate and graduate students are required to complete a thesis in order to graduate. Students prepare the topic of their interest under the supervision of a faculty member within the framework of academic rules. In the Master's program, the approval of a jury consisting of at least three faculty members is required.


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