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  • Renewable Energy Resources Announcement, 1-3 March 2021

Renewable Energy Resources Announcement, 1-3 March 2021

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We aim to address the following issues in the Workshop where many aspects of technique, social, environmental, etc. of renewable energy sources at the international, national, regional and local level and current developments will be discussed, and the current situation and needs in the region and local specific will be revealed.

•    The state of benefiting from renewable energy resources of our country and other countries.

•    The future energy need of our country and the role of our renewable energy potential in meeting this need.
•    Use of renewable energy in agriculture and rural areas and best practices.
•    National and international funding sources that can be used in the implementation of renewable energy applications.
•    Ensuring energy efficiency and energy savings with renewable energy applications.
•    Social energy consumption habits and energy saving. Renewable energy, loss, and illegal energy use.
•    The role of central and local government legislation in renewable energy applications, the situation in our country and other countries.
•    The status of our renewable energy resources at the regional and local level, determining the needs, problems and solutions to make more use of these resources.
•    Climate change and the environment with renewable energy.
•    The role of R&D and universities in renewable energy technology.

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