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Residence Permit

A Residence Permit is an official document declaring registration at the Directorate General of Migration Management (Immigration Office). All foreign nationals must register with the Immigration Office within one month of entering Turkey in order to obtain a residence permit. The International Office will actively assist you with the necessary procedures. Please note that due to the high number of first-time applications, your appointment may not be scheduled before one month after the day of entry. This is not a concern, because it is sufficient to obtain an appointment within 30 days upon arrival to Turkey. Due to the high number of applications at the beginning of each semester, appointments may be given for 4-6 weeks after the beginning of each semester. Please forward your residence permit documents to the International Office once you arrive in Turkey so that we can make your official application.

There is a residence permit card fee of 110 TL (for 2019) that is mandatory for all exchange students to pay.

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