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Health Insurance

One of the requirements to obtain a residence permit is to have health insurance. Students must have a health insurance to apply for residence permit in Turkey. If you obtain health insurance that is different from the options below, you may use it for medical care when in Turkey, however it will not be valid for the residence permit application. The following are the only types of health insurance that are valid to be used for the residence permit application:

Option 1: Bring your health Insurance policy from your home country (Only valid for Erasmus Exchange Students)

*Non- Contracted Institutions: Institutions (hospitals, physicians’ offices, and the other health institutions) do not have an agreement with the insurer.

If you are bringing your own health insurance from your home country, the coverage table has to be shown in your insurance policy explicitly. Your insurance policy must be in compliance with the minimal requirements of the mandate for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey. It has to be translated in Turkish and approved by the Notary in Turkey.

Please be aware that this regulation is only valid for Erasmus Exchange Students.


Option 2: Bilateral Social Security Agreements: E-signed/signed and stamped/sealed document to be obtained from provincial social security units which states that the foreigner is benefiting from the health services in Turkey within the scope of bilateral social security agreements. You will need to get signed approval from the office in Turkey.


Option 3: Private health insurance (The policy must have the expression of "This policy covers the minimum coverage stipulated in the circular no 9, dated 06/06/2014, on private health insurance required to be taken out for residence permit applications." Please present signed and stamped/sealed original of your insurance policy during application).

Required documents to apply for Private Health Insurance:

Important Note: Private health insurances obtained abroad are valid only if the same is given out by the branches (agents) of those insurance companies within Turkey. If your private health insurance company does not have a branch in Turkey, you can obtain a different private health insurance from Turkey.

For any questions, please contact with your Health Insurance Company.

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