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Experiences of Our Students




          Some pictures from their mobility: 



"I've got to know so many people that I've started to forget some names. I have so many friends from different countries and cities: Barcelona, Spain, Greece, Zagreb, Morocco and others."

 "Everyone taught me something. I had a very enjoyable time.I love them🥺"

"I still remember the class we were thinking we cannot pass in the middle of the semester but it was a sweet professor who called us Ragazzi Turco."







She said: "Erasmus+ has been an exciting experience for me. I've had distinct experiences and even adventures with high adrenaline. My travels to European cities with a backpack were amazing. I've had the opportunity to observe different cultures by visiting seven countries. It is a great success to be a part of Erasmus+ programme since it presents me different alternatives for my job ahead. I've had the opportunity to approach my department from a different angle through this programme. It felt mentally amazing to be able to taught face-to-face after being away from school due to the pandemic. When I came back, I've realized I am approaching my classes and my university from a healthier and more eager perspective."


Our student Helin Talay, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Pecs University, Hungary:
“The Erasmus+ experience has left me with an unforgettable impression. A program that wears you down with paperwork before you go, but takes all the stress and fatigue out of you when you get there. Imagine moving away from the comfort of home and getting used to live alone in a completely different culture and adopting it as your home. I made many friends from different cultures at school, at dormitories, at events and parties I attended. I got good grades by studying regularly for my difficult exams at school, and at the same time I noticed that my foreign language improved significantly. I have travelled to 5 countries in this process. Tasting the food of different cultures, seeing the originals of world-famous works by visiting museums, meeting new people and listening to their culture in person and many other things expanded my horizons. I returned motivated by unforgettable memories, but post- Erasmus syndrome was inevitable:) "


Our student Nahide ABİK had the opportunity to travel to Europe while spending a valuable period of study at Maribor University/Slovenia.


“I completed the Erasmus program in my last semester and graduated. Everyone thought it was my last period, so it was insane. But I never regret it. Because thanks to Erasmus learning mobility, I think that I have gained a lot to experiences both in terms of education and in social. I went to Slovenia. I feel so lucky to have gone there. Because I can say that Slovenia is a complete student-friendly country. It provides are big opportunities. For example, you can find monthly bus and train tickets at a very affordable price. In other words, all students are given monthly meal rights. With this food right, you can eat almost any kind of food you want for half the price in the city of Slovenia. In some places, you don't even pay. Apart from that, you have the right to have a portion of fruit and bowl of soup in every place you go. Another advantage for the student is the location. Thanks to its location, you can easily visit the countries around. You even have the chance to go to neighbouring Croatia for a day. In this way, I was able to go to many countries such as Italy, Croatia and Austria. Of course, apart from other countries, the natural beauty of Slovenia is enough to take your breath away. Thanks to the monthly card I received, I visit almost all cities of Slovenia. Although it was a very small country, it was very developed and its natural beauty was very impressive. Apart from that, Slovenia has enabled me to spend an excellent five months with its parties and people. You also have no problems with housing. It's just that the dorm I stayed in was a little old, so I had a little trouble. But the friendships in the dormitory and the ability to chat with people of all nationalities made us forget about those problems. Also, if you want to improve your language and have different experiences, my advice is you to ask for a foreigner roommate. Because in this way, you can gain a lot of experiences yourself both in terms of language and in terms of learning different cultures. My roommate was French. I had a lot of fun with him for five months. Of course, it was very difficult for us to separate from each other :(. Apart from all these, I also had responsibilities towards the lessons because I went for Erasmus learning mobility. Both my teachers and my lessons made me love Slovenia once again. Prof. Bojan Borstner and Prof. Nenad Miscevic stayed in my mind as people I will never forget. Thanks to both their knowledge and their tolerance, I almost never had the problem of adaptation. I didn't think the lessons would be so productive. Because everyone has the perception that Erasmus students do not attend classes. That's not what happened with us. On the contrary, I was nervous at first about how to keep up with this pace. However, over time, things settled down and I gained a lot to experience both socially and in terms of education. I both travelled and increased my knowledge while returning to the country. :) Of course, I am still in contact with my friends there. I had very good friendships. I hope to meet them again. :)


Our English Language and Literature student Veysel ÖZDEMİR completed his mobility at Lomza State University/Poland: 

“Erasmus+ mobility has been an excellent experience for me. I was the first student to go to Erasmus+ in the English Language and Literature department of our university. I was able to go to all the countries and cities of my dreams. I have experienced everything such as parties for Erasmus+ students, people from all over the world, productive lessons. I have made friends from all over Europe and now I plan to visit them all in their home countries. I never regret it, and I hope one day I can live through it again.”

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate