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Experiences of Our Staff


The city of Maribor is one of the most striking cities of Slovenia and has a quiet and peaceful life built on both sides of the Drava River. You can take a walk along the river and drink coffee in the cafes right next to it.

The city of Maribor is a neighboring city in Austria and is approximately 40 km away from Graz airport. Therefore, Graz Airport can be preferred when traveling by plane, and from here you can easily reach the city of Maribor by train, bus and private taxi. When it comes to accommodation, hotels close to the university campus can be preferred and I can recommend a B&B hotel for this. People living in Maribor have a very guiding and helpful attitude towards any possible problems you may encounter. I felt it sincerely while I was there and I can truly say that it was a good idea to go there.

I visited the Department of Philosophy at the University of Maribor in the context of lecturing and had a really positive experience. For this, I made a presentation evaluating the existential theme in Pink Floyd music in the context of Kierkegaard. In this way, I had the opportunity to meet with academicians and students of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Maribor.

Therefore, I benefited from this opportunity provided by the Erasmus Office and I was very pleased. They were very helpful throughout the process and provided accurate information. For this reason, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the staff of Mardin Artuklu University Erasmus Office.




Assoc. Prof. from the Educational Sciences Department of our University's Faculty of Letters. Dr. Nurettin Beltekin was in the scope of personnel mobility at the University of Rouen, France, UFR Lettres et Sceinces Humanies between 15.04.2024 and 19.04.2024. He was warmly hosted by department faculty members Salih Akın, Mehmet Ali Kıncı, Christel Troncy and Pierre Jalenques. In this context, he had the opportunity to make observations at the University and some of the courses he attended. In addition, he made a presentation on the academic construction processes of some newly established departments in Turkey. The presentation included sections on living languages and dialects, which were established at Mardin Artuklu University and are new to the Turkish academy. In addition, the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in Kurdish Language and Literature and Kurdish Language and Culture, which were opened within the MAU Faculty of Letters and Living Languages Institute, were introduced. YÖK theses, journals and some platforms where academic productions of these fields are included were also mentioned.

The study visit was seen as an important experience and views were exchanged for subsequent joint studies.








Research Assistant Sedat Bingöl, who visited the University of Coimbra within the scope of Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility and contributed to the agreement;

Some shots of our teacher's activity reveal the beauty of the university.






 I was very happy to have the opportunity to teach at Poland/Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts within the scope of Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Education Delivery.





Within the scope of the mobility, Prof. from the Department of Philosophy at Humboldt University of Berlin. Dr. I visited Olaf Müller. After the first meeting, which was an introduction, I followed his lessons that week. I used the university library. We had conversations about Artuklu and Artuklu Philosophy. Mobility provides experience to understand and apply Erasmus+ conditions. This way, you become familiar with the language of the organization. The visit and participation process opens up cultural and social gains, especially academic studies. It can provide a start for further studies. First of all, many thanks to our Erasmus office for facilitating the process and then to Humboldt University for their hospitality!











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