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Health Services

In the Health Center within the Health, Culture and Sports Department of our university one family doctor and one nurse work. Health services are provided to the students, the administrative, the academic and the other staff of our university.

In our Health Center;
•    First aid services for emergency situations
•    Step 1 health services (examination, ambulatory treatment, preventive vaccines etc.)
•    Injection applications
•    Medical-dressing services
•    Body mass index (height weight measurement) calculation
•    Blood pressure and blood sugar follow-up (Patients coming with the guidance of a physician are routinely monitored and recorded twice a day throughout the week.)
•    Single physician health reports are prepared.
•    Preventative vaccines are given to the students of the Faculty of Health Sciences before the internship.

Routine blood pressure, blood sugar and weight follow-ups of our students and staff with chronic illness are monitored and their health status is closely monitored. The students and staff who want counseling services regarding their health problems are given preliminary information about the situation, and they are directed to the appropriate departments and the situation is followed up by us.

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate