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Rector's Message

I have been appointed to Mardin Artuklu University as the rector with the presidential decision no. 2019/30 dated 22 August 2019; in accordance with 13th article of Higher Education Law and 2nd, 3rd, 7th articles of presidential decision no. 3.

Primarily I would like to thank and present my deepest gratitude to our President because of considering me as suitable and giving a chance to serve to my university.  In addition to being proud of our university in which we live, breathe and to which we owe much, having the opportunity to maintain this service with a new duty is a source of pride and honour for me.

In the following course of time our first aim will be to endeavour to rank our university in prestigious universities with our administrative and academic staff. And we are well aware of the fact that this is only possible with cooperation and coordination between students, academicians, and staff. A demanding university should neither alienate itself from the culture in which it is established nor refrain from inter-cultural encounters. Therefore, our university will maintain its claims to understand both sociocultural conditions in which it exists and social and scientific developments on a global basis, and to contribute to these with its scientific productions. In this sense, eliminating the disconnection between our city and the university, and contributing to our city’s history, culture and economy will be amongst our primary aims and wishes.

Hereby, we, once again, present our deepest gratitude to our President and to everyone who have contributed to our university’s developments, and hope our new duty will be beneficial to Mardin Artuklu University and the city of Mardin.



Prof. Dr. İbrahim Özcoşar

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate