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About Unit

In order to meet the needs of the information processing services (software, automation, internet communication, web, mail, ftp, maintenance and repair service and so on) of the units of our university, the Directorate of Information Processing Department performes the following functions;

1. To build the information service infrastructure
2. To provide hardware and software support, information technology infrastructure in the education-teaching and researches.
3. To conduct the information operation services regularly
4. To ensure that the department and the units attached it work efficiently and harmonously by following the technological developments with the aim of the innovations being performed in the University by using the administrative functions (Planning, organizing, Orientation Coordination, Control).
5. To set up computer net structure and run
6. To create and update web site of the lower units and support the other units and personnels
7. To provide the security of computer and net
8. To provide techincal support (repairs, download prrograms, connecting printer and so on), to the computers 
9. To provide a institutional e-mail system for the academic staff of our University
10. To purchase and develop the software required for the scientific and administrative studies. 
11. To print the identificaiton cards for personnnels, students and visitors
12. To install the necessary software licenses to the computers of the University by purchasing them. 
13. To provide presentation and material support to the programs and activities
14. To provide the necessary coordination and support in collaboration with the Universities and TÜBİTAK/ULAKBİM
15. By supporting the projects (e.g: UZEM) of YOK,  to ensure to conduct it in our University.
16. To provide the sustenance of all services given

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate