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Mardin Artuklu Üni.

Symposium Themes

-    Methodologies, Theories and Concepts in Islamicjerusalem Studies in Turkey and the World 

-    The Development and institutionalisation of Islamicjerusalem Studies since 1994

-    Zionism: History, Origins, Components, Socio-political and Theo-political Factors/Effects

-    Forms of Support and Legitimisation for Zionism

-    Academic and Cultural Dimensions of Zionism

-    Anti-Zionism and Overcoming Zionist Oppression in Academia

-    The Role of Academia in the Future of Free Palestine

-    Reflections/echoes of the attacks on Gaza in the world of academia

-    The Problem of Equating Anti-Zionism with Anti-Semitism

-    Global Academic Boycott and Fear of Falling into Anti-Semitism

-    Forms of Anti-Zionism: Objections from Jews, Christians and Muslims

T.C. Mardin Artuklu University Rectorate