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Nutrition and Dietetics Department is an undergraduate program that graduates dieticians after an eight semester education. Dietetics is a profession whose members best understand food and nutrition, research health problems caused by food and nutrition and who ensure food sources are used in accordance with health and hygiene standards. It is also the only profession that is authorized to inform the public and create awareness, plan specific diets for various diseases and medical and operational treatments when necessary, educate, enforce and monitor.


About Courses

The Nutrition and Dietetics undergraduate program is comprised of basic subjects such as anatomy, physiology, nutrition principles, nutrition biochemistry, mother and child nutrition, mass feeding systems, geriatric nutrition, dietetic applications, athlete nutrition, and nutrition control. It also aims to provide an interdisciplinary education with the choice of optional courses offered throughout the undergraduate program.


Department Facilities

With its modern and technological structure and up-to-date technological opportunities, Mardın Artuklu University Nutrition and Dietetics Department has been established to provide student-centered education in a democratic environment.

Students at our department benefit from laboratories equipped with modern facilities at world standards. Each laboratory has been designed to provide opportunities for approximately 50 students to receive instruction at the same time. Our University provides sufficient number of computers with Internet connections for students. Students are also given the privilege of benefitting from the Mardın Artuklu University Library which is equipped with modern facilities, equipment and databases. Our University also provides an array of recreational opportunities for our students in the form of social, cultural and sports activities.


Career Opportunities

Following successful completion of their undergraduate education, students of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department receive the title of a “Dietician”. Graduates of the program may also pursue postgraduate studies at master’s or doctoral degree level and may become senior dieticians or doctors.

Our graduates will be able to plan their clients’ healthy nutrition, organize special treatments regarding nutritional problems, control of nutritional treatments. Dieticians will have chance to work in private and state hospitals’ different units such as infants, children, adults, gynecology, cardiology and oncology and they could serve special nutritional treatments for their clients. Moreover, they will be able to arrange menus of the kindergartens’, elder care centers and hospitals. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, and other health institutions are working with nutrition specialist and our graduates will be able to work in those cooperation’s.


For International student and Erasmus+

Mardın Artuklu Unıversity is a member of the European Union Erasmus + Exchange Program. Within the scope of the program, students have the opportunity to study in the contracted countries and universities, to get internship mobility and to receive vocational training in a business abroad and to have practical work experience in the field.





Bachelor degree

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Master degree

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PhD degree

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