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Prof. Dr. Ahmet AĞIRAKÇA



Who is Prof. Dr. Ahmet Agırakca?
Prof. Dr. Ahmet AGIRAKCA
Prof. Dr. Ahmet AGIRAKCA was born in Mardin in 1950. He was educated at Mardin Cumhuriyet Primary School, Mardin Vocational Religious School, Mardin High School, Istanbul High Islam Institute (present, Faculty of Theology, Marmara University/1973) and Department of History of Faculty of Letter, Istanbul University (1975). Later he enrolled in the Faculty of Economics but after becoming an assistant in the Faculty of Letter, left second grade of the department of Social Politics without completing. 
After working in Department of Religious Affairs for a while, he taught in Bakirkoy High School. He conducted the duty of an assistant of the Islamic history of Prophetic Biography (1977) for one year. Later, he became an assistant in the Department of Middle Ages History, Istanbul University (1978). 
Following the period of doctorate preparation, which was planned in two semesters in the Department of Middle Ages History, Istanbul University (1978-79), he was awarded the title Ph.D. with the dissertation named “Müneccimbaşı Ahmed İbn Lutfullah’ın Câmiü’d-düvel Adlı Eserinin Tenkidli Metin Neşri ve Tercümesi” (Commentary Text Publication and Translation by Chief Astrologer Ahmed Ibn Lutfullah titled Cami’u’d-Duvel). He was awarded the titles of assistant Prof, Associate Prof and Prof, in 1987, 1988 and 1996 respectively.
He served as the Dean of Department of Religious Studies in the University of Islam in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He founded the University of Islam of Europe in Rotterdam with a group of friends and served there as Founder Chairman, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Dean and Vice Chancellor at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences of the Islamic University of Europe respectively.
By conducting the chairman of unit of distance learning at Islamic University of Europe, he helped 1200 students from Turkey to benefit from undergraduate distance learning program.  In July 2009, returned to his previous position at the Department of History in Istanbul University Faculty of Literature. When he was carrying out this task, at the same time he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Theology, Mardin Artuklu University.  On 3 December 2014, he was appointed Chancellor of Mardin Artuklu University by the Council of Higher Education 
He has 15 copyrighted and 13 translated works as well as 37 published articles and 30 papers he presented in national and international symposiums. He has also been attending dozens of conferences, seminars and panels in various formal and civil organizations for 30 years. He has many lexical definitions published in a number of encyclopaedias and he prepared the Samil Islam Encyclopedia  (6 volumes) for publication by carrying out its general management and scientific editing process. He also added considerable pages to Prophetic Biography Study, prepared in two volumes entitled “Hz. Peygamber ve Kurdugu Devlet”  (Prophet Muhammad and the state he founded) . He put his signature under the important study entitled “Tıp Tarihi” (The History of Medicine), which was translated to English and German.  He worked in many literary, scientific, politic and social magazines as a director and author. He acted a part in founding of many NGO (foundation and associations) and took part at their administrative boards and served as a chairman of some of them. Now he is an honorary educational consultant of Akdemistanbul Abroad Education and Counselling.
Besides the task of Chancellor of Mardin Artuklu University, he is the general chairman of the association of Academic Undergraduate and Scientific Research, the chairman of the charity house for the students of the Faculty of Theology, Mardin Artuklu University, the member of Higher Consulting Board of IHH and natural member of Solidarity Platform for Palestine whose activities have been continued for 25 years. 

Being a member of the unit of Muslim Scholars and having been the representative of Istanbul’s, Prof. Dr Agırakca is a member of International Jureslam Trustee Committee, and the founder and first vice president of the unit of solidarity for global Jerusalem and Palestine. 

He is married and has four children, and three grandchildren. He knows Arabic (advanced level) and Persian and English (medium level)
     His works:
     His Works Published by Akdem Publishing 
1.    Hz. Ebubekir’in Hilafet Dönemi
2.    Selahaddin Eyyubi ve Kudüs’ün Yeniden Fethi
3.    Kırk Hadisle Müslüman Şahsiyet
4.    Ömer İbn Abdülaziz
5.    İslam Tarihinde İlk Siyasi Hareketler
6.    Osmanlı Devletinin Kuruluş Tarihi
7.    İslam Tarihinde Tartışmalı Konular
8.    Abbasi Devletinde  Türk Kumandanlar
9.    İslam Tıp Tarihi (English and German translations available)

     His Works Published by the Other Publishings
1.    İslamî Devlet Düzeni (Düşünce Publishing, 1978)
2.    Kur’ân-ı Kerim ve Türkçe Meâli (Co-author, M. Beşir Eryarsoy, Buruc Publishing)
3.    Hz. Ömer(Beyan Publishing)
4.    Hz. Osman (Beyan Publishing)
5.    Ömer Muhtar (Beyan Publishing)
6.    Hz. Peygamber ve Kurduğu Devlet (Prophetic Biography, 2 big volumes)

     His Translations
1.    İslamın  Tarih Yorumu- İmadüddin Halil, Risale Publishing
2.    Hz. Muhammed ve Risaleti- Emile Dermenghem, İnsan Publishing
3.    Gelenekler Çatışması- Prof. Dr. Muhammed Kutub, Beka Publishing
4.    20. Asrın Cahiliyesi- Prof. Dr. Muhammed Kutub, Beka Publishing
5.    Komutan Peygamber Hz. Muhammed’in Askeri Dehası-Mahmut Şit Hattab, Bir Publishing
6.    El- Kamil Fi’t- Tarih- İbnü’l- Esir’den “İslam Tarihi” adıyla, 4 vol. Bahar ve Hikmet Publishing
7.    İslam’da Yönetim ve Yönetici- Said Havva, Petek Publishing
8.    Teori ve Pratikte Milliyetçilik- Mustafa Tahhan, Risale Publishing

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