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Our President’s Opening Message of 2016-2017 Academic Year

Being located on an ancient city that not only has a positive potential for this geography but also for the world for having social and cultural richness by best modeling “common living culture”, we, as Mardin Artuklu University family, are happy and proud to start a new academic year.


Being different from other universities for having an essential vision and a straight way map, our university has become a strong academy that enabled its existence, productivity and effectiveness to be accepted in a short time.

 By knowing that there must be some institutions which enable economic, social, cultural developments and transformations in the cities in which universities are located to establish and expand universal value and productivity, Mardin Artuklu University has achieved to be the most precious brand in our city through studies in the fields of physical and educational infrastructures.
With the consciousness of converting knowledge into value, our university will continue the vision of growing up individuals that are academically qualified and equipped.

I wish 2016-2017 academic year to be beneficialness for our country, our dear students who are our resources of trust and pride; and I also wish luck and salute from the bottom of my heart first to our students and academic staff and then to all members of our university in the new academic year.  

President of Mardin Artuklu University

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ağırakça